"With sincere thanks to the people who helped make my broadcast career in radio exceed all expectations."

The "Consultants"

Harv Blain, Mike McVay, Ted Bolton, Dave Roberts, Dan Vallie, Bill Drake,
Charlie VanDyke, Terry Patrick, Mark Ramsey, Guy Zapoleon, Doug Erickson & Alan Mason
. . . who remain friends long after the paychecks stopped. 

Mentors and Friends

Charlie Parker The most innovative person I ever met.
Tim Dorsey A "hands-on" GM who supports his PD without second guessing.
Bob Nelson A true teacher.  He taught me a manager inspires through delegation.
Miles Sexton A master at product focus and marketing.   He should be writing books.
Bob Hyland
Bob Vanderheyden
The VP's at CBS who created Hot Hits and HitRadio.  These guys led the ride on the most exciting decade of radio since the Beatles.
Buddy Scott He bleeds RF. You learn from Buddy in every conversation.
Dennis Winslow
Don Benson
True gentlemen.  Proof that nice guys do finish first.
Bob Shannon Always there with sound advice and genuine support.