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South Florida's Oldies Authority Loses Its Leader

By Burton Allan Miami-West Palm Beach Chief Correspondent

I guess it is that time of year again. Time for spring cleaning, and radio is no exception.

Spring cleaning began a little early this year at Majic 102.7 (WMXJ-FM) as longtime program director Ed Scarborough tendered his resignation. No replacement has been named.

Scarborough's resignation comes at a curious time, as stations are gearing up for the spring Arbitron ratings period. Most advertisers and broadcasters look to the spring book as the most important ratings period of the year for determining advertising buys and rates. Most stations save their best promotional packages and contests and fresh formatic adjustments for this time of year, as well. Radio follows a pattern similar to automobiles and real estate, which also go all out at this time to generate the most passion among the people for their products.

Scarborough's comprehensive background in radio includes expertise in the CHR and adult contemporary formats, as well as oldies. In addition to his work with Majic 102.7, Scarborough has programmed prestigious radio stations such as KHTR in St. Louis, KKHR in Los Angeles, and Houston's KLTR. .

While full-time daypart personnel moves are rare in the oldies format, program directors and morning-drive hosts come and go frequently, and Scarborough's run at Majic - almost six years - was a long one in the usually short life span of a program director.

Under Scarborough's tenure, Majic had undergone several changes in its morning-drive presentation. Two of the more prominent morning acts that Scarborough used were Sonny Fox and Bill Neil. Fox has worked mornings just about everywhere in the market, including his current gig with KISS, while Neil's background includes WNSR in New York.


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